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ミッドセンチュリーモダンな家具にはフレディ・ハバードのスカイダイブみたいな曲がとても合う気がします。あとCTIレーベル物、Deodato/DonatoのBatuqueとか、Harvey MasonのModaji(再発されているのでしょうか?)最近の人達だとIngrid JensenのLand of MeやSteve DavisのThe ModerninstやKenney’sみたいな曲。昔見たDavid Bowie主演の映画、「地球に落ちてきた男」の中に、そういうミッドセンチュリーな雰囲気のシーンがあったような覚えがあるのですが、私の記憶違いかもしれません。

This mid century modern audio cabinet was co-designed by me and a woodworker on Etsy to specific shape and dimensions using solid wood panels. What’s really cool about this cabinet is that the top of the cabinet resonates with the sound waves from speakers and enriches the sound like I’ve never heard before. It’s very powerful. 

As for music to listen to, songs like “Skydive” by Freddie Hubbard somehow feel really right when surrounded by mid century modern design. Other tracks that have similar effects include many CTI releases, Donato/Deodato’s “Batuque”, Harvey Mason’s “Modaji”, Ingrid Jensen and Steve Davis tracks.

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